Immersion test is very important for any light. Immerse fully in water for 1 full minute. If you notice any large bubbles coming from light, you have to start over with the sealing process.
Note the retaining screw, it has a small piece of liner to hold it in place. When PH is off the copper retaining washer usually is corroded beyond use as is the screw most of the time. You can get replacement parts for your light. Do not use anything but marine grade stainless steel. I cut a very small oval piece of liner and puncture a hole in the middle and stick on the screw after placed in ring, it holds the screw in place so it doesn’t fall out while placing it in light. This screw goes at the top of the niche.
If light holds water out, you are ready to install the light fixture into the niche. Line up the hook at the bottom of niche and fixture then look at top screw, it will screw into the top of niche. Tighten only until fixture is flush with niche. DONE! Almost, get out of water and turn light on for a second or two to test light. Fill pool, jump in and have fun!

Imperial Pools of St. Louis is presenting this picture installation of an in ground pool light as an instruction basis only. It is highly advised you call an in ground pool liner professional to install your liner and light. WE are not responsible for any problems you accrue while trying to install light or liner. The liability is on the pool owner when attempting to do any project on your own. Remember we are only a phone\email call away if you have a question about installing light or liner.

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