On retaining ring, it says “TOP”. This screw hole lines up with the retaining screw hole niche. Make sure all hooks(retains to this fixture only, some are different) are out and the holding wire is in place so the nut, washer and bolt to not interfere with the “top” hole. Sometimes it takes two persons to do this part b\c the lens does move and the wire can miss a hook while trying to install the bolt.

Imperial Pools of St. Louis is presenting this picture installation of an in ground pool light as an instruction basis only. It is highly advised you call an in ground pool liner professional to install your liner and light. WE are not responsible for any problems you accrue while trying to install light or liner. The liability is on the pool owner when attempting to do any project on your own. Remember we are only a phone\email call away if you have a question about installing light or liner.

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