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Hydra Pools at Imperial Pool of St. Louis


Sweet Water Steps at Imperial Pools of St. Louis Mo

Stepping Ahead

Sweetwater Steps are already highly acclaimed for our line of quality pool steps that are value-priced for our clients.  Now, we are pleased to present several new step designs which are also manufactured from Luran, a material which far surpasses others in every area of pool performance.  also we are proud to announce that Sweetwater Steps have been ISO 9001 certified for quality in manufacturing and are one of the only step manufacturers to have obtained this high level of quality certification.  The following are just a few of the other ways we are are striving to stay steps ahead in the industry.

Sweet Water Steps at Imperial Pools of St. Louis Mo

Growing collection of Swimming Pool Steps

Our engineering and production teams are constantly adding new styles too our already impressive collection of steps.  We are confident that one of our quality steps will please even the most selective of consumers.

Sweet Water Steps at Imperial Pools of St. Louis Mo

New Step Support System

Our new and improved tread support beams utilize a full, two-inch leg system which can accommodate up to 15 legs.  this system requires no tools and no hardware to install.  Sweetwater Steps are now engineered to be one of the least labor intensive installations systems available and are one of the strongest support systems in the pool industry.

The Best Value in the Industry

Even with all out new advances in design and technology, our company understands the value of a dollar, and that's why we strive to make our steps not only stylish and durable, but also affordable to every pool consumer.

Sweetwater steps invites you to take a look at our redesigned, growing collection of Hydra Swimming Pool steps.  We know that you will find what you've been searching for, and your may just find more  than you dreamed possible.

The Sweetwater Cozy Cove

Introducing The Sweetwater Cozy Cove:
It Turns Any Pool Into A Spa.

The revolutionary Sweetwater Cozy Cove from Hydra combines both a swimming pool and a spa into a single unit. The Cozy Cove is actually part of your swimming pool, designed for three to six adults, with ergonomically designed seats for maximum comfort. Six hydrotherapy jets are strategically positioned to massage the back, legs and feet for the soothing, relaxing comfort found in the finest spas.

And when you're ready for a swim, just push off into the pool waters. As an added bonus, you won't have to go to the extra trouble of maintaining a separate pool and spa.

The Sweetwater Cozy Cove is the perfect answer for those who want the very best of both a swimming pool and a spa.

Cozy Drawing
Schematic of a Sweet Water Cozy Cove with jets.
2' REcessed pool step
Schematic of a 2' R recessed step.  It takes place of a 2' Radius corner and steps recess into the pool.  Cool step for limited space.

Sweetwater Steps

Bullnose Straight Steps

8' Four Tread Straight Roman End

Part: HS113N

8' Four Tread Straight Twin Seat

Part: HS110N

8' Four Tread Straight

Part: HS108N

8' Three Tread Straight

Part: HS107N

6' Four Tread Straight

Part: HS105N

6' Three Tread Straight

Part: HS104N

4' Three Tread Straight

Part: HS102N

Bullnose Radius Steps

8' Four Tread Radius

Part: HS112N

8' Three Tread Radius

Part: HS106N

6' Four Tread Radius

Part: HS111N

6' Three Tread Radius

Part: HS103N

Cantilever Straight Steps

2' Recessed In-Wall Ladder

Part: HS402

6' Four Tread Straight

Part: HS305N

8' Four Tread Straight Twin Seat

Part: HS310N

8' Four Tread Straight

Part: HS308N

Cantilever Radius Steps

6' Three Tread Radius

Part: HS303N

8' Four Tread Radius Twin Seat

Part: HS311N

8' Three Tread Radius

Part: HS306N



6' Swimout Straight

Part: HS401

8' Cozy Cove Swimout

Part: HS403

8' Cozy Cove Swimout with Jets

Part: HS404


Corner Steps

2' Radius Corner In-pool Cantilever

Part: HS109N

4' Radius Cozy Corner

Part: HS101N


Bullnose Steps Straight-see online or brochure
HS113N: $1360.00\HS108N: $1360.00\HS107N: $1340.00\HS110N: $1360.00\HS105N: $1260\HS104N: $1175.00\HS102N: $1004.00
Swimouts\Cozy Coves
HS401: $1045.00\HS403: $1465\HS404: $1655.00
Bullnose Steps-Radius
HS112N: $1505.00\HS106N: $1460.00\HS111N: $1293.00\HS103N: $1230.00
Cantilever Steps-Straight
HS402: $585.00\HS305N$1220.00\HS310N: $1460.00\HS308N: $1380.00
Cantilever Steps-Radius
HS311N: $1540.00\HS303N: $1180.00\HS306N: $1345.00\
Corner Steps
HS109N: $1420.00\HS101N: $1380.00



Other Lounging and Spa steps available from different Manufactures. Call for Brochures and Pricing Hydra step pricing will include grab rail, anchor, escutcheons and correct Hydra Spacer panel unless specified.



Imperial Pools of St Louis is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design in Steelville MO

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Imperial Pools of St Louis is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design in Steelville MO